Who in the world would you call if were injured?

The selection of an attorney to represent yourself or a family member following an injury is an important decision.

What we do

We represent individuals who are injured by the negligence of others.
We obtain financial compensation for injured people.
We have obtained sizeable compensation in a variety of personal injury cases.
Our clients are the injury victims of automobile crashes, construction site injuries, medical malpractice, defective products, and from other wrongful acts.

We handle civil trials and appeals in all state and federal courts in Massachusetts.

What we believe

This law practice is dedicated to providing legal services of exceptional quality for
extraordinary client results.

What our practice provides our clients

We provide diligent and aggressive advocacy using the latest technologies and
legal resources to achieve the best possible results in the quickest time.

All client matters are prepared thoroughly.

Our clients are involved and well-informed from individual attention to each.

We communicate frequently with clients and respond promptly to client inquiries.

We treat all clients and their concerns respectfully in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

What our clients experience

High client satisfaction.

Close attorney contact regarding the progress and development of the claim.

Referrals from attorneys

Our office receives many client referrals from other attorneys, which we value as an important part of our practice.

We welcome attorney inquiries about your potential referrals.

Referrals to attorneys

Occasionally, we refer a client to a competent specialist to handle a legal matter.