We have achieved successful financial results for clients in a number of litigation and personal injury claims including, for example, motor vehicle collisions, construction site injuries, and injuries from defective products. While many claims settle without filing a lawsuit, we are always ready to fight for our clients to achieve the best for them, including filing suit. Several noteworthy claims are selected.

Motor vehicle crash

Confidentiality Agreement on financial terms - S.U.V. rollover
This was a tragic single car rollover by a Sports Utility Vehicle. Of the five occupants, four teenagers died and one survived. We represented the estates of two sisters who perished and the sole survivor making negligence and wrongful death claims against the manufacturer of the negligent design of the S.U.V.

$550,000 settlement - passenger- motor vehicle/truck crash
Our client was an intoxicated and asleep rear seat passenger in an uninsured vehicle that was stopped perpendicular to and straddling two travel lanes on an unlit section of Route 95 in Rhode Island. This vehicle was likely stopped for several minutes when it was struck by Defendant's delivery truck traveling at 65 miles per hour.

$315,000 settlement - passenger- rear end motor vehicle crash
Our client sustained a leg fracture requiring surgery, a stay in a nursing facility, and rest at home. She returned to full duty employment in an office.

$100,000 settlement - motor vehicle collision, drunk driver
Our client was rear-ended on a highway by a drunk driver and sustained a shoulder injury.

$100,000 settlement - motor vehicle broadside crash
Our client was struck tee-bone style by a vehicle that supposedly ran a stop sign. Our client had injuries to her right shoulder, fractured a clavicle and several ribs, and lacerated his ear.

$100,000 settlement - motor vehicle rear end, no property damage
Our client injured her shoulder requiring surgery. Neither vehicle had identifiable property damage and the insurer initially denied the injury due to the slight impact of the cars. The case settled at mediation and the husband's claim settled for $9,000.

$95,000 settlement - motor vehicle rear end collision
Our client was rear-ended on the Brightman Street Bridge causing a foot injury.

$78,500 settlement - motor vehicle rear end collision
Our client was struck from behind on Route 24 by another truck, driven by the Defendant. The Defendant contended that the client caused the collision by abruptly cutting into Defendant's lane of travel. Our client sustained neck sprain and positional vertigo.

$75,000 settlement - motorcycle crash
Our client injured her hand when she was a passenger on a motorcycle which crashed when operating too fast on a corner. The settlement included the policy limits of the driver's policy and the client's own underinsured motorist policy.

$33,000 settlement - unidentified driver
Our client was struck from behind by a driver that fled the scene of the collision and could not be identified. We settled with our client's own insurer under the "uninsured motorist" coverage.


$3,400,000 - Construction Site - floor collapse
A concrete floor that was being poured collapsed at a job site in Worcester, Massachusetts. Our five clients, union masons, fell 40 feet to the ground below suffering a range of personal injuries. The worth of the all the claims was approximately $4,000,000 due to the contributions of the workers' compensation insurance company.

$670,000 - Construction Site - floor collapse
A concrete floor that was being poured collapsed at a job site in Hudson, Massachusetts. Our seven clients, masons and laborers, fell 20 feet to the ground below suffering a range of personal injuries. The claims settled for between $20,000 and $450,000. The workers' compensation liens were reduced to about one-third.

$560,000 - Construction Site - electric shock
Our client was working as a union carpenter foreman for a Massachusetts contractor at the Providence Place Mall construction site when he touched a live and partially insulated electric wire injuring his left hand. We negotiated the $90,000 workers' compensation lien down to $20,000.

$550,000 - Construction Site - falling load of plywood
Our client was a union ironworker working at the entrance to the Ted Williams Tunnel when he was struck by a load of plywood that slipped from the slings of a crane that was under the control of the Defendant's employees.

$165,000 - Construction Site - underground electric cable explosion
Our client was injured when he was employed as a laborer in a road trench and a backhoe severed Defendant electric company's underground energized electric cable causing an explosion.

$150,000 - Construction Site - roof truss collapse
The roof truss system collapsed that client was erecting as a framing carpenter at the premises of the Defendant. We negotiated with the workers' compensation insurer to waive repayment of its lien of about $125,000.

$125,000 - Construction Site - trench collapse
Our client was an electrician who entered a trench to lay conduit pipe. The trench partially collapsed, causing the client to twist and injure his hip.

$95,000 - Construction Site - struck by concrete truck chute
Our client was injured while wet concrete discharged down the chute of the Defendant's truck and the chute swung into him. We negotiated with the workers' compensation insurance company to reduce its lien by about $100,000.

$92,000 - Construction Site - struck by falling reinforcement bar rod
Our client worked as a union ironworker at the Deer Island Sewer Treatment Plant. He was injured when a piece of rebar fell onto him.

Defective Product

$525,000 settlement plus waiver of workers' compensation lien of $79,697.04, waiver of Hunter's Case offset, plus lump sum settlement of $50,000- work place products liability claim

This was a products liability claim involving a new industrial machine causing our client a work place injury. Our client's dominant hand became entangled in a nip point he claimed was unguarded. The case was settled for $525,000. We negotiated a waiver of the workers' compensation lien of nearly $80,000 as well as a waiver of the Hunter's Case rights. Additionally, the workers' compensation company paid a lump sum settlement of $50,000.

$55,000 settlement - work place injury caused by defective electric motor
Our client worked in a fruit juice manufacturing plant. She stepped over a floor mounted electric pump and inadvertently knocked off the cover to the motor's cooling fan blades. The exposed fan blades lacerated her leg. The self-insured employer significantly waived its workers' compensation lien.

Property claim
$215,000 settlement- fall on asphalt parking lot
Our client tripped and fell on defective parking lot pavement at her apartment injuring her shoulder, requiring surgery.

Other claims

$409,788.28 verdict and settlements- breach of contract claim
We filed a lawsuit for our client, a road construction company, that was owed unpaid balances for work it performed for a Boston area town. We obtained a judgment again the town of over $400,000. The town brought 3 counterclaims against the client alleging damages from improper workmanship in violation of the specifications under the three contracts which we defeated at trial.

$350,000 judgment - injury during hockey game
The client was struck in the neck with a "high stick" during a high school hockey game and sustained several fractures of his cervical vertebrae.

$265,000 settlement- injury at a shopping mall
Our client was seated on a bench near an escalator inside a shopping mall, reading a book during a shopping trip. Two maintenance employees, who were carrying a table while traveling on the escalator, dropped the table which struck our client.

$67,500 settlement - dog attack
Our client's face was lacerated by a property owner's dog when our client was invited to visit.